For Adding Elegance To Any Yard

Gazebos are a nice addition to any yard.  They add shade, privacy and elegance to your outdoor living area.

Do-It-Yourself kits are available in just about any size you would ever need.  These do-it-yourself kits can take a weekend or a month of weekends to assemble.  It just all depends on the size and the model.  You could hire a local handyman to do the installation for you if you did not want to devote the time required to complete it.

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cedar gazebo
This Cedar model is one of many quality kits available at Spirit Elements.  This is a simple yet elegant single tier shingle roof kit.  It is available in either 8' or 10' widths.

The Western Red Cedar construction will last a lifetime.


bamboo gazebo
This is a Bamboo style, just the thing for adding a tropical flavor to your yard.

The bamboo slating on the roof is waterproof.

The installation instructions are available online so you can see beforehand what you are getting into.


pine gazebo
This unit is constructed of pressure-treated pine with an asphalt-shingled roof.

The lumber will need some maintenance every few years to keep it looking this nice.

For a gazebo that is totally maintenance free see the vinyl units at Spirit Elements.


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