Shade Sails

An Elegant And Classy Way To Have A Little Shade.

Shade Sails are such a nice way to fit some shade into small areas.  The elegant sails offer a color accent to add to your homes color scheme.

Below are a few nice selections to give you some idea of what these great shades can do for you.


Triangle Shade Sail

These lovely shade structures are designed to help block the sun's dangerous UV rays.  This portable sun shade is made of heavy-duty knitted polyethylene fabric that won't rot or mildew.  It has reinforced corner grommets.  This sail can attach to existing structures or to your own ground anchored poles.


Shade Sail in Ocean Blue

Shade Sails are the ultimate in stylish sun protection.  Courtyards, pool areas, gardens, children's play areas, car spaces and even entry ways can all benefit from the cool good looks of a Coolaroo Shade Sail.  Only Coolaroo Fabric Sails feature Coolaroo's unique commercial grade high density polyethylene knitted fabric specially designed to breathe and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather.  This state of the art material blocks up to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.  Because Coolaroo fabric is knitted, not woven, it won't tear or fray.

Buying shade could not be easier, try Amazon to see a nice selection or visit our discount shade sails page.


Shade Sails  (#ad)


Keep in mind ordering a shade sail is the easy part, now you have to mount it. Here are some useful ideas.

  • Mounting to Existing Structure: If you have a strong, durable structure like a house, pergola, or large tree, you can use it as one or more corners for your shade sail.
  • Mounting to Posts: Most commonly, shade sails are mounted to specifically designed, pressure-treated hardwood or metal posts concreted into the ground, ensuring they are deep enough for stability and tall enough for the sail to be mounted above head height.
  • Mounting between Buildings: In some cases, shade sails can be mounted between two buildings. Ensure the connection points are strong enough to carry the load of the sail.
  • Mounting to Fascia: You can mount the shade sail to the fascia of a house, but it has to be done correctly. You'll need to use a fascia support, which connects to the rafters inside the roof and then through into the fascia, providing a strong anchor point.
  • Mounting to a Combination of Structures: You might mount one side of the sail to an existing structure and put up posts for the other sides.
  • Pole-in-Ground Method: This involves mounting poles into concrete in the ground, its more permanent and perfect for areas where ground conditions are suitable for digging.
  • Deck mount: If the sail is to be installed over a deck, specific deck designed poles can be used.
  • Temporary Structures: For temporary or event use, shade sails can be attached to portable, weight-bearing structures like heavy-duty pop-up tents.
  • Umbrella Mount: There are also umbrella-style mounts where the shade sail hangs down from a single centralized pole.
  • Adjustable Mounting: Using pulleys and ropes for mounting can let you easily adjust or remove the shade sail as needed.

Remember, regardless of the method used, the structure to which a shade sail is mounted must be strong enough to handle the tension of the sail as well as wind loads. It's recommended to hire a professional if you're unsure about the installation process.


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