Camping Shade

Staying Comfortable In The Woods

Camping Shade needs to be portable and durable.  A canopy that is easy to set up is a big help also, who wants to spend hours setting up the campsite when you could be fishing.  Tents, portable screen rooms, tarps and shade sails are all great ways of staying cool while enjoying outdoor activities. A large patio or beach umbrella can also provide an easy shade solution. They are portable, fairly easy to set up, and can provide a significant amount of shade.  In this section we will look at some different ways to enjoy the outdoors more with plenty of camping shade.


GM Truck Tent
This is a genuine GM licensed truck tent.  It fits the Chevy Avalanche and the Cadillac EXT.  The color coded poles make set up an easier chore and the side overlaps keep the inside of the truck bed dry.  This is perfect for hunting, fishing and weekend camping trips to the high country.


Screenhouse Shelter
This is the perfect camping shade.  It sets up quickly and can shelter you from the sun and keep you dry in the rain.  And if bugs are a problem while you are out enjoying nature the instant screen room will protect you and your children. 


Triangle Shade Sail
Shade sails, like this one, and tarps make excellent easy to set up camping shades.  You can use trees, your vehicles and even bring a pole or two, there are endless possibilities for setting up some instant shade while camping.


Shade Canopy - White
Quik Canopies offer another fast, easy camping shade option.  This 10' x 10' canopy folds up and fits into a compact carrying case making it perfect for on the go shade. The perfect accessory for Quik Canopies are the Weight Plates.  One of the most time consuming parts of setting up a canopy like this is pounding all the stakes into the ground so the shade structure does not blow away.  With the weight plates used instead of stakes set up has never been faster or easier.

Keep your family out of the baking sun next time you go camping.  With so many options, there is no reason to let them be uncomfortable.


Use the search term camping shade  (#ad)  at Amazon for many more camping shade ideas.


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