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Have You Visited Any Lately?

Arizona is a top destination for winter visitors, the so called "snowbirds" that come to enjoy a few months of sunshine.  Many of Arizona's yearly visitors end up staying at Mesa RV Resorts.  And for good reason, the weather is perfect, there is always something to do and your neighbors are sure to be friendly and helpful.

Park Model
RV resorts are not just someplace to pull into with your motor home or RV, although these are still welcome.  Most RV resorts are full of more permanent housing solutions called Park Models.  These can be rented all set up and ready to go, or they can be purchased and placed on your rented space.  There are even some Mesa RV Resorts where you can buy the lot to put your Park Model on.

Traveling from one RV Park to the next in a big, expensive, motor home is what most people think of when considering the RV Life.  In the RV resorts many residence pick a park and grow their roots.

First off, buying a Park Model and decking it out with awnings and an Arizona Room is expensive.  But once you do, you don't need to go anyplace else.  Everything you could ever need is right there in your resort.

I have been told many times over the years that retirement is not nearly as easy as people thought it would be, they are just too busy.  There are clubs, luncheons, meetings and more social activities than they will ever have time for, but they love getting as much in as planned.

RV Resort
A typical day for an active RV Resort lady is water aerobics, then breakfast with friends and a doubles tennis match before a poolside lunch at the recreation hall.  After an hour in the computer lab catching up with friends it's time for nine holes of golf.  That leaves just enough time for a swim and a fast workout before leaving for dinner and a show with a group from the RV park across the road.

These so called "retired" folks lead busier lives than mine, and I run a business and raise kids.  It's all good though, staying busy is the best way to stay young.

So what's all this got to do with Mesa RV Parks?  Hopefully it might encourage you to come out and visit one, maybe one from my list of favorites.

Before you decide on a Mesa RV Resort be sure to visit View Point RV And Golf Resort.  It has to be one of the nicest parks in town, very well maintained and as active as you could ever want.  Also on the must visit list would be Greenfield Village, Monte Vista, Venture Out, The Resort and Mesa Regal.

Some of my other favorite Mesa RV Resorts are Silveridge RV Resort, Superstition Sunrise RV Resort, Val Vista Village RV Resort and Aztec RV Resort.

These are just a few of the many Mesa RV Resorts you will have to choose from, and when you finally decide, be sure to let ShadeBuilder help out with all your shade needs.  Shade is a big part of what makes the Arizona heat enjoyable. 

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