Motorized Awning

For On Demand Shade

Why a motorized awning?  Have you ever been kept up at night during a bad storm because you were worried about your aluminum awning blowing away?  Have you ever sat on your patio under your awning wishing you could enjoy the sunshine?  That's the magic of this type of canvas awning, sun when you want it and shade when you don't, plus the best storm protection possible.

Motorized Awning
The Motorized Pro retractable awning instantly creates shade, protection and comfort anytime you want.  With a touch of a button, the retractable patio awing can make your deck as much as 20 degrees cooler, while guarding you, your family, and guests from harmful UV rays. This motorized awning can also lower your home's air conditioning bill by shading windows from direct sunlight. It has no vertical arms or braces to block your view, and the awning fabric is 100% waterproof.  The aircraft quality aluminum arms won't rust or corrode, because of a baked-on enamel, cream colored finish. The awning canopy is made of 5-layers of Acrylic, Dacron and color pigmentation to provide ultimate resistance to fading, mildew, UV rays, and harsh weathering.

SunSetter is the industry leader when it comes to retractable awnings.  This type of awning works as a patio cover, a window awning and is well suited as an RV awning.  Where ever you need shade, part of the time, think retractable.

If you are considering a motorized, retractable type awning, consider SunSetter for the best in quality and service.

Enjoy the video below to see just how a motorized awning works


Nutmeg Motorized Awning

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