Sea Breeze Above Ground Pool

A Good Quality Low End Pool

The Sea Breeze above ground pool is a low cost pool that just might fit a tight budget. If you are here looking for Sea Breeze pool parts go here, we have that covered also.

This line of pools all have 52" sidewalls and 6" top ledges.  These are both hot dipped galvanized steel.  The Sea Breeze pool comes with a 15 year warranty.

The only thing I do not like about this pool are the 5/8" bottom rails.  Most above ground pools use a 1" bottom rail and this makes for a much easier installation.  Once the pool is finished you would never know the difference.  The installation requires a little more patience and very precise leveling.  If the bottom rails are not sitting on perfectly flat, level ground it can be almost impossible to keep the side wall firmly in place.

Once again, once the pool is assembled it becomes just like any other pool.  It is not nearly as fancy as some of the models that cost twice as much but that has never bothered me much.  They all pretty much look the same from an air mattress, and I know the kids could care less.


Sea Breeze Above Ground Pool


An 18' round Sea Breeze above ground pool, with liner and skimmer, costs around nine hundred dollars.  Keep in mind you will still need things like a ladder and filter.

There are a few things to consider before buying an above ground pool online.  Have you shopped your local stores and compared prices?  Have you been able to find the model you are interested in at a pool store, on display, so you can see it up close?  Do you know for sure what you are getting, what the package includes and what it does not?

Who is going to install this pool?  If you are going to hire a pool installer have you talked to them about the pool you want to order?  If you think all above ground pools are the same you are very wrong.  Every installer will have a preference as to what pools he likes and the ones he does not.  It is a very good idea to talk to your pool installer before you order your Sea Breeze above ground pool, or any other pool, online.


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