Window Awning Installation

Tips For The Do-It-Yourselfer

This page is about the simple steps you need to take to install an aluminum window awning.

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Flex Pan Window Awning Installation

window awning parts
These are the parts that make an aluminum window awning.  The photo shows the brackets, arm connectors and cotter pins on top.  Below are the flex pans, stringers and arms.


stringer bracket
The first step is to attach the top brackets.  They belong at the top corners of the window and are held in place with 11/2" sheet metal screws.  If the window has an aluminum frame that is exposed these clips can be installed right over the frame for extra strength.  Small windows like this one require just two clips on top.  Larger windows will require more clips to be installed.


window awning stringers
Attach a stringer into each top bracket using the cotter pins provided.  The brackets have multiple holes.  I use the outside hole most of the time.  You situation may require a different set of holes.  Some awnings may have more stringers and support arms.  If you are covering multiple windows space these between them.  If it is one big window use the stringers without the support arms.  Your awning may come with three stringers and two support arms, in this case the middle stringer just needs to be centered.


window awning return arms
The return arms need to be assembled as shown before they are installed.  Use the cotter pins provided with the window awning.  The spacing between the holes is the same so it does not matter the end you attach the brackets to.

stringer and bracket
There are two ways to plan for the placement of the bottom brackets.  These window awnings can be folded down to cover the window if you leave your home for long periods of time.  To set the brackets for fold down, I attach the bracket to the stringer with a cotter pin and then mark the spots where the screws go with a pencil.  I then take the bracket off the stringer and attach to the wall where my marks were.  Do this with both sides.

stringer and return arm installation
If the window awning is not going to be lowered the bracket placement is not critical.  I usually try to make the return arms look level.  I mark one side and then use a tape measure to place the other side in the same location.


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