Window Awning Assembly

Installation Instruction

We started our window awning assembly on the installation page. Here we will complete the project of installing a flex pan window awning.

window awning arm attached to bracket
Attach the return arms to the stringer and the brackets on both sides with the last of the cotter pins. Start at the top and lay the flex pans in place.  Hook the back side but leave the front unhooked.


window awning flex pans
When all but the last flex pan is in place, measure the distance past the brackets at both sides of the top pan.  Adjust the pan until the overhang is even on both sides and then snap it into place.  Make sure the stringers are straight and then measure the bottom flex pan the same way.


snapping flex pans into place
With the top and bottom flex pan snapped into place I take the unused flex pan and use as a straight edge.  All the pans between the top and bottom are still loose and will slide against the straight edge to make make the awning even.


flex pans
When it is all straight, snap each pan into place, snap the valance on, and you are finished.


completed window awning


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