Fabric Awnings

Functional and Decorative

This page is about fabric awnings, one of the best ways to add value and shade to your home.  If your home needs this kind of shade let us show you how easy it is to have them.

 Fabric Awning Kit
Fabric awnings reduce heat, glare, and sun damage, helping you save on air conditioning costs and upholstery and carpet ware.  They are extremely durable and easy to maintain.  These awnings are made from an acrylic canvas that is water, mildew and fade resistant.  They are delivered fully assembled and ready for easy installation.  This model is available in three colors.  They all have a 25" drop, 25" projection and a 6" decorative scalloped edge.


Fabric Window Awning
This is another fabric window awning from Stacks and Stacks.  Both of these awnings are available in different sizes and different colors.  Make sure you allow 6" to 12" on each side of the window, for mounting, when ordering these awnings.


Window Awning
Transform the exterior of your home from boring to beautiful with these colorful cloth awnings.  Choose from 4 fresh colors including Pacific Blue, Burgundy, Forest Green, and Beige, to enhance the look of your home.  These sleek, new window treatments can maximize the value of your home, while saving energy and cooling the inside.  These fabric awnings are perfect for windows that face directly into the sunlight, either morning or afternoon.  Fabric awnings remove easily in adverse weather conditions.  All hardware is included and installation time is approximately 15-30 minutes.


open side window awning
Add character, value and energy saving benefits to your home with these unique awnings.  They have a modern design, offering a fresh new look that will improve the exterior look of your home.  These awnings are available in 4 fresh colors, including Sand, Forest Green, Pacific Blue and Burgundy.  The sleek, new, window treatments can also maximize the value of your home, while saving energy, and cooling the inside.  The fabric window awnings are made from mildew-resistant material, to preserve the elegant look.

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