Deck Prep Tips

Getting The Deck Ready For Summer

Spring is a good time to get the deck ready for summer.  It's time to move back outdoors and your deck just might need a little work before it is ready.  To get the most out of your deck, and your outdoor experience, does it need a little work?  You might want to take a close look, now is the time to do it.

Before you begin any kind of repairs make sure the deck has been cleaned with some sort of deck cleaning agent.  This will rid the wood of dirt, fungus and stains.  Your deck that may have been built last summer might also need this.  You need to remove anything that will prevent your new treatment from adhering properly.

restore a deck

If you have existing stain that is not looking so good a stripper should be used.  Choose a good wood stripper and get the deck down to nothing but wood.  Now you are set to give the deck a new look.

Your next step should be a sealer to give you a water repellent surface.  Be sure to choose a sealer that prevents mildew, then you will be well protected from future rains.  You can stop with just the sealer or you can continue with a clear stain or one that will completely change the color of your wood, the choice here is yours.

Examine the lumber also, do you have wood that needs replaced?  Now is the time.  Replace what is rotted and retreat the rest.

Wood decks can be an expensive investment, well worth protecting.  The only way to protect a deck is to do the maintenance.  Just like your car, take care of it and it will take care of you.  The longer you neglect it the sooner you will be replacing it. 


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