Patio Umbrellas

Attractive Patio Shade

Does your patio need shade but your budget will not allow anything too fancy?  A patio umbrella might be just the thing.


Patio Umbrellas can add a lot of color and elegance to your yard or patio, as well as some much needed shade. Below are some nice selections from around the web.

Patio Umbrella - Huntington
Are you tired of getting cooked when outside under the hot sun?  Do you enjoy being outside, barbequing, gardening, or just enjoying your backyard or garden?  During these hot summer days, a large patio shade umbrella is just what you need to enjoy your backyard, but not end up with sunburn. This garden umbrella is a 4.5' rectangle and casts a large shadow for plenty of shade.  The head room under this umbrella is 74" so that most people won't have to duck to get in to the shade.  The fabric is strong and durable marine fabric that will breath a little to let some heat out, and to keep your cool.  It is constructed with the finest Asian hardwood.  These patio umbrellas are built to last throughout the summer without the fabric fading.  The lifting mechanism for these garden umbrellas is designed with a manual lifting system so that almost everyone can raise and lower this sun umbrella.  The pole is 1.375" in diameter and is designed to fit most standard umbrella stands.  These patio umbrellas come in the following colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Natural, and Red.


9' Crank Patio Umbrella
You can easily create shade anywhere in the yard with this patio umbrella.  This is a sturdy and inexpensive umbrella that features an easy to use push-tilt and hand crank mechanism.  This umbrella is available in Antique Beige, Cranberry, Hunter Green, Natural White, Navy Blue and Pacific Blue.  That's enough color to add that special splash to any yard.


Market Umbrella
This Market Umbrella makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors in style.  Sit back and unwind under the shade of this premium umbrella.  The 9' diameter umbrella features superior quality materials and construction for long lasting use.  It is built to withstand the outdoor elements with ease.  The canopy is vented for wind release and stability, has double reinforced pockets for added strength and comes with a self-tie to keep it closed when not in use.


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