Patio Furniture Covers

How To Protect Your Expensive Patio Furniture

Is your nice patio furniture covered and protected so that it stays looking nice year after year?  Protection from the sun and rain will increase the life and good looks of your investment.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover
Do you spend hours outdoors in your garden or backyard?  Your patio furniture spends all day, everyday, outside and takes the punishment of the elements, usually throughout the year.  If you invest lots of time and money into your backyard furniture, then you would also want to protect your investment.  These furniture covers are the perfect thing to protect your lawn furniture all year round.  These garden furniture covers are lightweight, weather resistant, and hand washable.  The fabric is a super strong UV inhibiting space age material that comes in a lovely beige color.  These deck furniture covers have been tested by U.S. laboratories and successfully withstood temperatures from -40 degrees F and exceeded the hottest temperature in the world by 50 degrees, without damage.


Rectangular Patio Set Cover
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