Shade for Children

Coverage For The Little Ones

Why shade for children?  I am sure we all know by now how harmful the suns rays can be.  This should be considered every time we send our children out to play.  Make sure your yard has plenty of shade.

The first thing to do is apply a good sun screen and use it often.  Beyond sunscreen here are some ideas to shade your kids during outdoor play.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  This site is full of ways to provide shade for the kids.  Spend some time and have a look.  The right shade will sure make the outdoors safer and a lot more comfy for the kids.

pool shade


Here are a few more ideas for adding shade to your yard so the children can play out of the direct sunlight.

  • Shade Cloths: These are similar to shade sails, but they are made from a material like mesh or netting that can block out a certain percentage of sunlight.
  • Pop-up Canopy Tents: These are portable and easy to set up, providing large area of shade.
  • Enclosed Play Structures: Some children’s play structures have shade built-in, with roofs or awnings over the play area.
  • Tree Shade: Planting trees strategically can provide not only shade but also a beautiful landscape.
  • Playhouse: A kid-sized structure like a playhouse can provide plenty of shade and also stimulate creative play.
  • Sunscreen Curtains or Blinds: If you have a patio or porch, installing curtains, blinds, or outdoor drapes can help to create a shaded area.
  • Plant Vines: Fast-growing vines over lattice can create a shaded spot with a more natural look.
  • Sun Shelters: These are similar to pop-up tents but are typically larger and more permanent.
  • Retractable Sun Shade: Installed onto the side of a house or on a frame, it can be extended when necessary.



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