Umbrella Accessories

Making Your Umbrella More Usable

Umbrella Accessories can add just the right personal touch to your patio umbrella. Fans that will cool you on those hot summer days and lights to brighten up your outdoor dinner table. And don't forget the support stand to hold the umbrella upright and secure from the winds.

And every year they come up with more umbrella accessories you surely must have in order to throw the best party on the block.


Umbrella Heater
A new product on the market is the combination wireless speaker system and lights.  Create just the right atmosphere with some soft music and a little mood lighting, you never know what might happen.

Patio Umbrella Heater
Another way to stay warm on the patio is to install a heater in your umbrella.  This one does not use propane and will not burn up your umbrella, but it will make you more comfortable on the those chilly fall evenings.


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