Shade for kids

And Protection From The Sun

Protect your little ones from the sun every chance you get with shade for kids.  Below you will find a few ideas for providing the children with plenty of shade.  Daylight and fresh air are great for kids, but too much direct sunlight, not so much.

Portable Wooden Picnic Table with Umbrella
Give the little ones their own special table during outdoor picnics, parties or barbeques.  This table has an umbrella to shade the kids, it also folds up into it's unique little box.


Let your children enjoy endless hours of safe water fun with this kiddie float.  This shaded float will help to keep the harmful rays of the sun from burning you young ones.


One Touch Play Tent


Set it up in seconds, for hours of imaginative fun.  This roomy play cabana can be used for camping, picnics, backyard fun or even indoor playtime.  Any where this goes the kids will love it.  You will love it also knowing you are protecting your kids from the suns rays.

Wherever you go to have fun, don't forget the shade for your children.


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