Commercial Canvas Awnings

The Ability To Brighten Up Any Building

Commercial Canvas Awnings are one of the most popular shade structure used in commercial construction.  One reason for this is the wide range of fabric colors that are available.  Any building can be enhanced with the splash of color these awnings can throw.

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Tan Canvas Window Awnings
This is a good example of using color to achieve a certain look.  While fabric awnings can be used as billboards, and the valances become very busy places, these awnings remain plain and let their size and color do the talking.


Tan Commercial Window Awning


Commercial Shade Canopy
Fabric shade structures like this one can not only provide valuable shade for those having to work under them, they can also attract a lot of attention from a nearby road.  Bright colors like these are good for drawing attention to your business.


Commercial Canvas Window Awnings
Commercial shade awnings like these provide a valuable service to the people working behind those windows.  This is a west facing exposure and the afternoon sun can be killer when it's over a hundred outside.


Commercial Dome Awnings
Shapes can be used to make a statement as well as the colors. This building is actually using three different shaped window awnings. There are square end rectangles, angled end rectangles and domes.  The face of the building is indented to accentuate these different shapes.


Below are more examples of using color and canvas on a commercial structure.


Solid Color Canvas Commercial Awning


Large Commercial Window Awnings


Decorative Valance On Canvas Awning


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