Commercial Wood Awnings

For A Rustic Look

Commercial wood awnings are used in many different ways across the country.  They can be lattice structures like the ones on this page, or they can be the structure for metal, shingles and even fabric tops.

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Commercial Wood Patio Shade
Wood takes on many different characteristics depending on the type of stain, or paint, applied to it.  The ones on this page were stained so the natural wood is allowed to show through.  Regardless of whether you paint or stain, do it again after a few months and then at least every other year from now on.  This will help prevent the wood from rotting and warping.


Wood Lattice Shade Structure


Commercial Lattice Walkway Cover
There are parts of the country, like Arizona, where the sunny days far outnumber the rainy ones.  In this hot, dry climate an open lattice top is very practical.  It provides shade while still allowing plenty of air flow and an open sort of feeling.


Lattice Shade Structure Up Close
More shade can be added to lattice type structures by simply spacing the lattice closer together.  Instead of having 2" spacing between them, try 1 1/2".  Another way of getting more sun protection out of lattice covers is with vines.  Living shade and lattice covers go together like they were meant for each other.


Wood Cover Over Patio and Walkway


Wood Cover Over Drive Thru


If you are in Arizona, Contact us for a free commercial wood awning estimate.  Learn about the many different options available in the field of commercial shade.


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