Commercial Shade

Every Building Needs Protection From The Sun And Rain

Commercial shade must do several things.  First off, you need the correct amount of sun protection for all of the buildings window and doors.  Awnings can be used along with shade screens and indoor window treatments to accomplish complete sun control for the stores and offices using the commercial building.

Office buildings, shopping centers and small shops all need a way to keep their customers as dry as possible while getting in and out of their business as well as keeping the windows dry and clean during a storm.

The third aspect that is extremely important to property owners is how the shades look on their buildings.  Visually pleasing commercial shade is an ongoing process of artistic design matched with workable architectural structure.

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Metal Window Awnings on Commercial Building
A lot of different looks can be obtained with metal.  It has become a popular choice for commercial applications because of the unique looks that can be accomplished and the permanent, maintenance free properties.  More metal awnings can be seen on our commercial steel awnings page.


Entry Way Canopy for a Commercial Building
Canvas has, and will continue to be, used liberally on commercial buildings.  There are three major reasons for their continued popularity.  The color choices are endless enabling them the ability of enhancing any building.


Entry Way Canvas Awning
Canvas, or fabric, awnings are custom made so the designs and applications are as endless as the colors.  Canvas awnings and canopies are excellent billboards, perfect for advertising.  Stores names and logos can be easily added to these awnings for an ideal source of getting your name, or products, in front of your customers.


Umbrellas for Valet Station
Even the simplest of all cloth type awnings, the umbrella, can have commercial applications.  Umbrellas can be used for shade, as well as a place for advertising.  They can also be used as color accents.


Fabric Shade Over Break Patio
Outdoor dining and smoking areas are popular with a lot of businesses, bars and restaurants.  These areas need covers of some sort and shade fabric, like the Sunbrella material, is a popular way of doing it.


Metal Frame Shade Over Sitting Bench
The same fabric can be used in any number of different frames, or mounting structures, and look fresh and new every time.  Just like the same framework can hold any number of fabric colors, giving each a new look.


Shade Sails Over Bar Patio
The term commonly used for this type of shade is a shade sail.  Commercial shade sails can be square, and attached to permanent poles, like those above.  They can also be like the conventional triangle one and attached to existing structures.  Shade sails, square or triangle, make a versatile option for outdoor break rooms and smoking areas.


Entryway Dome Awning
More uses of fabric for commercial shade applications are shown on this page.  Fabric awnings are not your only choices, just one of many, but one that is worth taking a close look at.


Commercial Lattice Patio Cover
Another material used for commercial shade structures is wood.  While not as popular as fabric or steel, wood fits in very well with many types of buildings.  Visit here for more commercial wood awnings.


Fabric Walkway Cover
This is another interesting idea when it comes to Commercial Shade.  Let your imagination go wild.

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