Aluminum Awnings

Maybe The Best Awning For Your Home

Aluminum awnings are an affordable way to shade your home, or just a window or two.  They have been thought of as an awning for mobile home parks, but that is not the case anymore.  Aluminum products are making their way into Travel Trailer Parks, where the Park Models hang out, as well as into residential neighborhoods.

Aluminum awning with white trim
Aluminum patio covers have two basic looks, the standard awning with 2 or 3 bands of color trim for accent, like shown at left, or Alumawood.

Most awnings feature a choice of frame colors, usually mill finish, bronze or white. The panels come in a variety of colors and styles. The most common colors are white, neutral or light tan.

aluminum awning w-pan
aluminum awning flat panel
The panels are usually either a w-pan or a flat pan. W-pans are normally 12" wide and the flat pans are 6" wide. Awning panels can be ordered in just about any length desired, also in several different thicknesses.

freestanding Alumawood awning
Alumawood awnings look a lot like real wood but stay looking good much longer with no maintenance. Alumawood awnings come in a variety of colors to easily compliment your home. Alumawood awnings can be either a solid cover or a lattice cover.


custom Alumawood awning

We specialize in building custom Alumawood awnings all over the state of Arizona. Give us a try for an estimate.

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