Screenroom and Aluma Lattice Job

A Nice Combination

The job shown on this page illustrates a few of the things that can be done to the outside of a typical modular home.

It also shows the different types of work we could do for if you are in our service area, in and around Mesa Arizona.

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wood shed and screen room
This Screenroom and Aluma Lattice  job turned out so nice. The dealer contract was for the aluminum awning and storage shed. The customer had us add on the screen room and aluma lattice cover in the rear. The aluminum fascia of the awning was capped with wood so it could be painted and match the fascia of the home. This blends the entire project together very nicely.


aluma lattice
The small aluma lattice covered patio at the end of the home makes a great place to enjoy the Arizona sun. When it gets too warm they move indoors to the screen room.


lattice patio cover

What makes this screen room different than most is the tile. It is more expensive than carpet but looks great and will last much longer.

screen room

lattice awning

14 ft. x 12 ft. White Aluminum Attached Open Lattice Patio Cover (#ad)



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