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This is a detailed description of our standard aluminum patio awning..  These are the parts that are shipped with our awnings as well as a few options you need to be sure of before you order.  Use this page as well as our awning installation page to be sure you are ordering the correct awning parts.

Our standard kits feature   3 1/2" x 12" w-pans,  extruded gutter, hanger and side fascias and 3" square aluminum posts.  These are the key items to use when comparing our product with that of others.  The 3 1/2" w-pans are larger and stronger than standard panels sold by some companies.  Extruded parts are again stronger than roll form parts.  The square aluminum posts are far stronger than ornamental scroll columns.  When comparing prices be sure to compare apples to apples. The photos below can be clicked to enlarge.

aluminum awning panels
These are our 3 1/2" awning panels installed into an extruded hanger with an extruded side fascia.  Inserted into the fascia are two bands of color trim.  Our standard package comes with white trim.  The w-pans come standard in the .018 gauge.  Also available are the .024, .032 and .036 gauge panels.  The panel thickness that you need depends on the projection of the awning and your wind and snow conditions.


extruded awning hanger
This photo shows an extruded c-hanger.  This is the one that comes in our kits.  These have a flat back and mount nicely on any flat surface.  The photos above and below show an awning mounted to the fascia of a house.  When the awning is to be attached to an angled surface such as this an a-rail and hanger works best.  The extruded hanger pivots in the a-rail allowing the panels to fit better.  The next photo is a view looking up to further explain how an a-rail and hanger might better fit your needs.  These are a little more expensive but allow for a better job in some situations.


extruded awning a-rail and hanger


aluminum awning downspout
This photo shows the extruded gutter, extruded side fascia, 3" aluminum post, post bracket and the downspout.  The downspout is attached to a plastic drop outlet.  The downspout is a full 2" x 2 1/2".  One of these assemblies is used at both ends of the awning and more on large ones.  A portion of the downspout is used to make a bracket for the bottom and then a downspout elbow is used.  Another feature of our patio awning is that all of the posts and post brackets are attached with nuts and bolts as opposed to sheet metal screws.


aluminum awning slab mount bracket
Our standard patio awning package includes the 3" x 3" aluminum posts.  The standard length is 8' and the standard form of attachment is the slab mount.  The posts are easily cut on the job site to allow for any slope the concrete may have.  Doing this will keep the gutter level for a better overall look.  The normal awning pitch is 1/2" per foot, so a 12' projection awning should have about a 6" slope.  This means that if the height you are going to attach the hanger is over 8' 6" you should consider ordering longer posts.  Posts can be ordered in 8', 10' and 12' lengths.  A slab mount awning is one that is anchored to a concrete slab.  Two 1/4" holes are drilled into the concrete and expandable rawl plugs are hammered into place.  This is what is included in the package.  If a slab is not available then ground anchors would need to be ordered.  The following photo shows the top of a ground anchor.  A 12" x 10" hole is dug into the ground and filled in around the ground anchor with post hole cement.


aluminum awning ground anchor


aluminum awning on house
Now it's time to enjoy your new patio awning.  We sell and install in Arizona only. Send us a request so we can work up an estimate for you, or give me a call.

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