Atlantis Swimming Pool

A Good New Style Pool

The Atlantis swimming pool is one of those new style above ground pools that is just enough old school to still be a pleasure to build.

The parts are vinyl coated steel, the wall is treated and sealed to perfection, and everything fits the way it should the first time around.

The Atlantis above ground pool features 10" top seats and a 52" side wall.  It has the great looks to enhance just about any yard.

The 35 year warranty makes this a very popular above ground pool.  The wall is very well coated and the parts are all well manufactured and fit together properly.

Parts not fitting the way they should is a problem with many above ground pools, but not so with the Atlantis pool.  Missing parts is another common problem, one I have never had with these pools.

Each year a few more of our installs come from pools purchased online.  This model is one we see a lot of because of the competitive pricing and the great looks.  It is amazing how those ten inch top rails can change the looks of an above ground pool.  They are a stand out feature of the Atlantis swimming pool.

Atlantis above ground pool
This is not the Atlantis pool talked about above but it is the only one I can find being sold at this time. has this model in stock with a 48" wall. sells the  52" version, they are currently out of stock but this could change at any time, worth checking out. You could also check, it seems they have an Atlantis pool package for sale.



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