Shade Structures

For Outdoor Shade And Rain Protection

Shade structures are found on many school yards, parks and workplaces.  They make an ideal cover for playground equipment or a lunch table.  Places where work is performed out doors are also good places for a shade sail or other structure.

Shade sail fabric, like Sunbrella material, is commonly used as the cover for shade structures.  Steel is also used on a regular basis and on occasion you may find a wood one.

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Shade Sail Structure


Steel posts, strong cable and some shade sails make an attractive work area at this car wash.  This could have been done with a solid cover but the fun part about working with fabric is anything is possible.  The sails are custom made to any size you specify and then you are on your own to be creative.


Shade Sail Structure Over Car Wash


Fabric Shade Structure
This shaded patio is made with solid fabric mounted over a steel frame.  This is a common way of using fabric and with the variety of colors available, any outdoor space can be enhanced.


Steel Shade Structure
The more traditional steel type awning structures are still popular.  The steel panels have become almost as colorful as the fabric making it easy to match or enhance any nearby building.  This structure is at a small park and provides rain and sun protection for a picnic table and grill.


Triangle Shade Structure


The triangle shaped steel structure in these photos is about as unique as you can get, it also does a good job of providing afternoon shade to the picnic area.


Picnic Shade Structure


Shade Structure For Lunch Table


This traditional freestanding awning style structure has the ends boxed in to provide a little extra protection from the weather.  This is an all steel construction painted to match the surrounding buildings and landscape.


Shade Structure For Break Area


Metal Shade Structure
A slightly different type of steel awning does a more than adequate job of shading a lunch break table.


Shade Structure Over Play Ground
These bright blue shade sail type shades are a colorful way to decorate a play ground area.  Keeping the kids out of the direct sunlight is becoming an important consideration for playgrounds and schools and this type of shade structure does an outstanding job of offering shade and great looks.


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