Steel Awnings

Great For Commercial Buildings

Steel awnings are perfect for commercial use for several reasons.  The designs can be unique to every building, bringing out the character of an older style or complementing a new age design.  There are no limits to the size, shape and materials used to create these awnings, as shown on this page, anything goes.

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Metal Window Awning with Overhead Support
Several of the steel awnings on this page have a pair of heavy duty rods, connected with a turn buckle, going upwards to a higher place on the building.


Window Awning Support Rods
These rods are used to support the added weight of the steel, as opposed to the lighter weight canvas awnings, and they also add an architectural element to the buildings.


Long Steel Rod Supported Window Awnings
This set of photos shows the steel rods used in different lengths determined by the height of the wall they are attached to.  This creates a very unique look you will seldom find duplicated on other buildings.


Short Rods Supporting Window Awning
The awnings also have an open end look that makes them different than the norm.  Only the outside ends, ends not adjacent to another awning, have the ends boxed in.  The photo below shows a nice example of the sturdy framework used in steel awning construction.


Under View Of Framework For Steel Awning


Steel Awning On Brick Wall


Mitered Steel Window Awning
The next set of steel window awnings are smaller in size and lighter in weight and do not require the extra overhead support.


Series of Steel Commercial Window Awnings


Frame For Commercial Steel Window Awnings
Steel structures like these can be custom fabricated to fit any wall face and they can even wrap around mitered windows, as shown in this photo.


Square Steel Box Type Awnings
This set of photos shows one of the most unusual designs for small steel window type awnings.  These are heavy enough to require the overhead rods, but even these are done in such a way as to be one of a kind.


Square Steel Awnings at Different Levels


Close Up of Square Steel Awning
There is next to no maintenance with this type awning as the more the structures age the better they fit the overall style of the building.


Underside of Old Looking Steel Awning


Rustic Steel Awnings
A very simple and rustic look is found in this awning style.  The framing has the look of basic rusted steel and the cover material resembles simple, cheap, corrugated metal.  They are so simple and plain, yet just perfect for the look this building is trying to achieve.


I-beam Constructed Steel Awning
A closer look at this steel door canopy shows what could have been left over material from the building construction.  Three pieces of heavy steel I-beam create the frame for this very unusual looking awning.


Strange Arched Steel Awning
The arched steel awning in this photo illustrates the use of steel to create a new age look.  Every imaginable rule of awning attachment and design is broken with this set up but it still works.


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