Instant Garage

Affordable Vehicle Protection

Shelter Logic is the leading manufacturer of Instant Garages.  If you are looking for the best, for a product that will do what it claims to, at a fair and reasonable price, take a look at these garages.  Vehicles and guy toys can get expensive, protect them like you really cared.

ShelterLogic Instant Garage
This is a garage-in-a-box for an SUV or truck.  There is plenty of head room for those tall 4 x 4 trucks.  The opening is 8' high and the framing is all steel.  All the ShelterLogic products can be ordered at Northern Tool.  You'll see how easy it is a little further down the page.


ShelterLogic Round Style Instant Garage
This ShelterLogic garage-in-a-box for cars is the most affordable of the instant garages.  This unit is on sale for just under two hundred and fifty dollars.  That's an amazing price for this much vehicle protection.


ShelterLogic House Style Instant Garage
This portable shelter is a full 20' by 18'.  That makes for plenty of parking area if you have more than one vehicle to protect.


Finding the right size garage to fit your needs is now easier than ever.  Scroll on down and see them all, find just the right size, shape and color.  We have more Shelter Logic products in our Discount Instant Garage Store and Amazon has a lot more at Shelter Logic.  (#ad)


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