Mobile Home Decks

The Perfect Mobile Home Addition

Mobile home decks are an important addition to most above ground set mobile homes and park models.  This page will show you some of the options you have.

mobile home awning and deck
This is a mobile home deck. It is ready for carpet, handrail and skirting. Decks like this will usually take a couple of days to build.


deck under flat pan awning


This deck will be skirted with the same type vinyl siding the mobile home is made with. This gives it a very finished look.


vinyl deck fencing
We built this deck next to a park model. The large drawers under the deck provide a lot of extra storage. The vinyl handrail was used to keep a couple of large dogs from running off.


park model deck skirting

This is a front view of the same deck. See how well the vinyl handrail goes with the vinyl skirting and matching vinyl fence.


round steps on park model deck
The round steps on this deck are a little tricky but they sure look nice.  If you live in the Mesa Arizona area contact us for an estimate on projects of this type.


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