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If you’re currently in the market for a patio cover, you may have already discovered the many options available. One of the most popular choices that comes with considerable benefits is aluminum patio covers. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but also particularly functional when it comes to protecting your patio from harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum is a superior choice for patio covers due to its inherent properties. It's lightweight, making it easier to install. Plus, it's resistant to rust, unlike steel, making it a durable, long-lasting choice. While aluminum patio covers might be more expensive than other material options like vinyl or cloth, they do offer superior durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Thus, in the long run, they might indeed prove to be more cost-effective.

When choosing an aluminum patio cover, the first thing you'll want to consider is the material quality. Always confirm that the panels are made from high-grade aluminum for maximum durability. Store-bought kits come with grades specified, so make it a point to check these before making a purchase.


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Securing the cover to your home is not a complicated process. Most aluminum patio covers come with instructions that are easy to follow. You will need to have a solid attachment point and it never hurts to use more screws than suggested of maybe even longer ones. If you're handy with tools and have some basic construction knowledge, it could be a worthwhile DIY project.

However, while the installation process can seem straightforward, you should consider your ability to handle the size and weight of the materials, and then there is the climbing on ladders part. If you find yourself questioning your abilities, it might be wise to hire a professional installation service. This ensures the job is done correctly and your patio cover is optimized for longevity. Online kits can be installed by a handyman while awning companies will have their own installers.


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The best places to purchase aluminum patio covers are home improvement stores or online retailers. Both of these options offer various styles and sizes. Plus, when shopping online, you can easily compare prices and reviews, which can be significantly helpful. Local contractors that specialize in aluminum products are a good choice also, estimates are usually free.

Purchasing a patio cover kit online can be advantageous for a do it yourself project. My last search found a couple of companies at Amazon the sell the aluminum kits and one place on Ebay and I am sure there are many more options. Do ensure that the kit includes all the necessary parts, along with a detailed instruction manual. Confirm the delivery details and arrival times to avoid delays in your project.

Comparison is important when buying an aluminum patio cover. Analyze different brands and prices and consider customer reviews. The cover you choose should be of high quality and within your price range. Panel gauge is an important factor, and some permits will require certain gauges to meet certain live loads. You can always expect to pay more for the heavier gauges. The framework is a consideration also, extruded aluminum will always be stronger than the less expensive roll form.

Retired couples staying in RV parks and people residing in mobile homes could benefit significantly from aluminum patio covers. These can serve as awnings, providing shade and protection from the weather. They could also be used as carport covers, protecting vehicles from harsh elements. RV parks and mobile home parks are a large part of our awning business here in Arizona.


Freestanding Aluminum Patio Cover
When considering a patio cover for an RV park, keep in mind that it's essential to create shade while maintaining the mobile aspects of the RV. A freestanding awning could serve this purpose well and is usually a popular option. In most of our local RV parks residents have the option of a more permanent Park Model where the awnings are almost always attached or a place to bring their motor home during the winter months, these awnings are always freestanding.

If you're looking to install patio covers in a mobile home park, remember that these can double as carports. Doing so could provide a multifunctional space where you could park your car and also sit and relax. It's not uncommon in a mobile home park to have an awning on both sides of the home, you have your carport side and your patio side both covered.


Alumawood Awning on Park Model
To meet the diverse needs of different users, aluminum patio covers are available in various styles and finishes. Some mimic the appearance of wood, while others maintain the clean, modern look of metal. Choose a style that complements your home's overall aesthetic.

Understanding the warranty details of your potential patio cover is also a consideration. Different brands have various warranty terms. Choosing a patio cover that carries an extensive warranty might be good for your peace of mind. A local awning company will also warranty their work if they install the product. Some installers are not as good as others and sometimes problems do arise. A good company will always back up their work, or at least they should.


I-Beam Under Awning
Consider the weather conditions your patio cover will potentially be subjected to throughout its lifespan. Aluminum patio covers are designed to withstand variables such as snow, wind, and sun exposure, so make sure your choice matches your local weather conditions.

Before purchasing and installing an aluminum patio cover you need to check your local area's building codes. Each region has its specifications and requirements, so make sure to understand these rules to avoid non-compliance issues. Many cities require building permits and an HOA may have restrictions for what can and can't be built.

Our Aluminum Awnings come with a very detailed ICBO report that details things like the thickness of the panels, how far each thickness can project between support points, how close the post spacing needs to be and many other details such as snow loads and wind speed tolerance.

Adding an I-beam, using heavier gauge panels, closer post spacing and even the type of anchors used can make these covers adaptable to most weather conditions and compliant with most building codes.


awning with light support
Don't forget to plan for any accessories you might need, such as lights or fans. Ensuring that the structure of the patio cover can support these additions can make your outdoor area simply unforgettable. Sometimes just the simple addition of an extruded 2x2 can be all you need to hang a light. An I-beam would be more suitable for a ceiling fan but there are many options available.


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Another point for consideration when installing a patio cover is privacy. Consider creating a balance between privacy and enjoying your outdoor view. Depending on your needs, you can opt for open or partially enclosed covers.

There are many options for either adding some privacy or maybe cutting down on windy conditions or even keeping the rain off your patio. The flex pans used on window awnings make an excellent choice. Other popular choices are the vented skirting panels. They are used for mobile home and park model skirting and they also make nice privacy panels. The many different types and colors of shade screens make them a popular choice also.


Installation services for an aluminum patio cover can be found amongst local contractors who specialize in exterior home construction. For people who aren't confident in tackling the project themselves, securing professional services ensures quality work and safeguards against potential problems.

Using the tools available online, such as customer reviews and comparison sites, can assist with your decision making. Online communities and forums can offer invaluable advice from people who have already experienced buying and installing similar projects.

Lastly, remember that each home and situation are unique. What works perfectly for one person may not for another. Therefore, the aluminum patio cover you choose should primarily fit your patio’s size, your home's aesthetics, and most importantly, your budget. Always invest time in research before making your decision to ensure you get the most value from your purchase.

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