SunSetter Retractable Awnings

SunSetter is the number one choice for retractable awnings.  SunSetter retractable awnings will shade your patio or give you a dry place to watch the rain from.  If you need more sun, no problem, retract the awning.  Sunsetter awnings can be used to shade just about any situation.

Retractable awnings are the perfect choice for campers, RV's, horse trailers and motor homes.  The sizes and styles are almost endless as are the different ways they can be used.

SunSetter backs their products with the best warranty in the business.  Combine that with their continual money saving offers and it is hard to go wrong.

The official SunSetter site is an excellent place to learn about these amazing awnings.  They are the industry leader in motorized retractable awnings.

Below you will find a few online outlets for Sun Setter awnings. 


Sunsetter Pro Motorized Awning
This retractable awning is from Shoppers Choice.  They carry a complete line of SunSetter Retractable Awnings.


Sunsetter Retractable Awning
Stacks and Stacks sells SunSetter awnings, like this one, and many others.


My favorite source for SunSetter Awnings is Amazon. You will find many different options at the best prices.

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