Storage Shed Kits

Do-It-Yourself Sheds

Storage shed kits are an affordable option for a do-it-yourselfer.  Most of you are familiar with the steel sheds in a box but there are many more shed kits available.  Sheds that are built with lumber and look great in the yard.

Storage Shed Framing Kit
The unique galvanized steel angles and base plates make erecting this shed fast and easy. This shed kit is perfect for constructing a storage shed or large tool shed.  The unique design means making only square cuts with your lumber.  I have seen this first hand and it is a neat system.


Colonial Garden Shed
Click the photos below to read more about this Colonial shed kit and many more from a large inventory.  This shed includes the flooring kit but can be purchased without one if you already have a concrete slab to build the shed on.


Below are some of the best shed kits from a few of our favorite online stores.


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