Commercial Awning

Heavy Duty Awning Construction

Heavy duty steel commercial awnings are replacing the canvas awning in popularity.  It makes good sense to me, they are more wind resistant and they do not need new fabric every five to ten years.

We have more steel shade structure examples on the Commercial Steel Awning page and the Steel Awnings page.

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Basic Awning Structure
The commercial awnings shown on this page are constructed with fairly standard awning construction materials.  They have gutters, side fascias, hangers and corrugated steel awning panels.


Overhead Supports on Commercial Awnings
The overhead support structures add a lot of style to these otherwise rather boring square, flat awnings.


Steel Door Canopies
Awnings of this type are all custom made and can be any size you need to accommodate any size door or door/window combination.


Black Commercial Door Canopy
These awnings could just as easily have been a different color but the black here matched the doors nicely.


Commercial Awning Panels
The awning panels have been attached to the gutter and hanger by sheet metal screws shot up from the bottom.  This type of installation allows the screws to be seen on the underside of the awning.


Steel Awning Bracket Closeup
This close up view of the hanging bar brackets show a simple bar and cotter pin attachment.  The bracket pieces are welded to the base plate.


Steel Overhead Awning Bracket
Another view of the awning brackets showing how the rods extend to the corners of the awning.


Steel Window Awning Gutter
This close up shows the screw heads going through the gutter and into the awning panels.


Panels In Awning Hanger
This is a view of the hanger and shows the panels attached in the same way as the gutter.


Small Flat Window Awning With Overhead Support
Some applications work best with a small awning like this.  It adds a lot more in the way of looks to the building than it does actual rain and sun protection.


Commercial Window Awning With Overhead Support

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