Ultima Above Ground Pool

Available Today - Online

The Ultima Above Ground Pool is available online at several different locations.

This pool features a very nice 7" resin top rail and the incredible 40 year warranty. They have galvanized steel side walls with the new Crystex coating to assure you the pool will live up to it's warranty.

The Ultima pool comes with a 52" galvanized steel wall.  The uprights are also resin with built in ultraviolet inhibitors built in.  These pools truly are designed to last 40 years.

Ultima Above Ground Pool

The Ultima pool is one of the Sea Breeze line of pools.  They are known for being good value above ground pools.  Sure, you could buy a better pool, but check out these prices.

A 21' round pool, with liner, costs about $1,800.00.  This includes a skimmer, so all you would need is a filter, ladder and a maintenance package.

Before you purchase an above ground pool online consider these questions.  Have you compared prices and packages with your local pool stores?  Have you been able to locate a store with this model of pool on display?  Have you checked closely to be sure exactly what the pool comes with and what else you would need to buy?  Have you added up the cost of the other things, like a filter, ladder, cleaner and chemicals?

These are just a few questions you might ask yourself before you make the purchase.  I have nothing against online pools and online pool stores, but shipping is expensive, and mistakes can be avoided, if you just ask enough questions.

I have installed many Ultima above ground pools, as well as other brands, that came from online pool stores.  The customers have been very happy and feel they saved a considerable amount of money over the price charged by the local stores.

The pool business is a fast changing one. The companies change from year to year as do the models they sell. As of 2021 I am no longer finding this model anywhere. This can, however, be used as an example of some of the qualities you can expect from a top of the line above ground pool.



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