Used Aluminum Awnings

What To Look For

Are you in the market to buy a used aluminum awning?  Do you have one to sell?  This is the place to do both.

Moving and reinstalling an aluminum awning is not all that difficult.  That is if the awning was assembled with hex head screws.  If the panels are held in place with old rusty nuts and bolts you might be in trouble.

Modern day awnings are assembled with either 1/4" head screws or 5/16" hex heads.  These are easy to get out quickly with a battery drill.


used aluminum awning
The aluminum flashing may or may not be usable.  It is inexpensive to replace with new for a better leak proof seal.  The posts are your only other real concern.  Awning posts are custom cut for each job site.  The post lengths will normally match any slope in the concrete or ground the awning is anchored into.  Measure carefully to make sure all of the posts are long enough for your application.


aluminum awning parts
Having installed hundreds of used awnings I can assure you they are worth more to a new owner than they would be at the scrap yard.  Give it a try.  Use my contact form and tell me as much about your awning as you can.  I will place your add here for free.  When I receive your add I will contact you to see if you have any pictures you would like to add.  Everything sells better with a picture.

Below is a recent listing from craigslist.  This will give you an idea of what is available in the way of used aluminum awnings.

In Mesa, Arizona there is a 30' x 12' aluminum awning.  This one has been taken down but the photos show it to be in decent shape.  They are asking $500.  I would try and get that price a little lower but it is sure worth looking at.

Aluminum scrap is bringing in top dollar at the salvage yards.  You need to at least be willing to pay the scrap value, or a little more, for a used aluminum awning.



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