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What You Need to Know

The world of the Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover is a beautiful place to venture, ready to transform your outdoor living space with just the right amount of shade and protection. As an enthusiastic homeowner, you're in for an adventure that will ultimately present you with a comfortable patio, protected from the sun.

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First things first, let's look at where to buy an aluminum lattice patio cover. Options abound, with manufacturers like Metals USA, Americana Outdoors, Duralum, and Alumawood among leading names in the industry. Many of these companies offer online shopping options or can direct you to local retailers carrying their products.

In the Mesa Arizona area we custom install a lot of lattice awnings. We come to your home, take measurements and give free estimates. We can do all the projects that a do it yourselfer might not be able to do and all the projects that there are no kits for, you know, custom work.  The photos on this page are all projects we have been involved in. To see more of our work visit our page at CR Shades.


The manufacturers mentioned above will generally offer a variety of designs and finishes to choose from, ensuring you find a style that suits you and your home. The airy lattice design allows light to filter through, preventing your patio from feeling too dark while providing necessary protection.

Now, the question of cost. An aluminum lattice patio cover's price range varies widely based on size, design, and finish. Basic covers can start as low as $1,000 for materials, while larger or ornate structures can easily hit the $5,000 mark or higher.


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Choosing to hire a contractor can add cost, but it also adds value in terms of professional installation and potential warranty coverage. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 in total, depending on the complexity of the project. As I said earlier, custom designs are not something you can buy a kit for, this is where a contractor can come into play.


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If you're an avid DIYer and wonder if self-installation is possible, the answer is a resounding yes! With a bit of handy work, you can cut down on installation costs. Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions and hardware needed for assembly.

Keep in mind, setting up an aluminum lattice patio cover is no small task, so you'll need to be prepared with the appropriate tools and knowledge. It may also be prudent to ask for a friend's help or even explore hiring casual labor for some hands-on assistance. Having the right tools on hand is also important. If you are considering such a project you should check out the page this photo is coming from, two pages of this project being installed. Lattice Patio Cover Installation

In terms of durability, aluminum lattice patio covers rightfully boast a long lifespan. Aluminum is a robust material, resistant to rust and able to stand up against varying weather conditions. They're designed to be low-maintenance, an attractive quality for the busy homeowner.

Maintaining your new patio cover is as simple as giving it a regular clean with mild soap and water. Unlike wood, aluminum does not rot or mold, nor does it require repainting, sealing, or staining.

One important factor to consider is your local climate. While aluminum is generally weather-resistant, severe weather might necessitate additional support to the structure or a different type of patio cover altogether.


Your new aluminum lattice patio cover will revolutionize your outdoor living area, providing an excellent balance of sun and shade. This useful patio shade not only protects your outdoor furniture from wear and tear but extends your home's living area.


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For those in hotter climates, the open lattice design allows for a nice airflow that can make your patio up to 15-20 degrees cooler - a significant relief on sweltering summer days!

In looking at other practical benefits, a well-designed patio cover can increase your home's value, an excellent incentive for quality-conscious homeowners. It heightens the appeal of your outdoor space, potentially attracting future buyers.

Choosing colors and finishes for your patio cover can be both fun and challenging. Most manufacturers offer a variety of options ranging from traditional white, cream, or beige to more modern grey, brown, and black hues.

In terms of finishes, you can have your aluminum emulate the warmth of wood with a faux-wood finish. These finishes effectively imitate different wood grains, providing the aesthetics of a wooden lattice without the hassle of maintenance.

Then there's the question of sizing and customizability. Most manufacturers will offer standard sizes, usually starting from 10'x10'. However, should you need a specific size or have a unique layout, many companies offer custom configurations to match your requirements.


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To help engage with the process more smoothly, it is advisable to have a rough sketch or plan of your patio space and an idea of size and placement of your desired cover when reaching out to manufacturers or retailers. This will streamline the process, making it more efficient for everyone involved.


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Before the installation process, it's worth noting the local building codes and homeowners' association rules, if any, related to patio covers. You may require permits for this type of installation in some areas.

Now that we've covered the basics of choosing, purchasing, and installing an aluminum lattice patio cover, we hope you feel more prepared and excited for your upcoming project. The decision to enhance your outdoor space is a significant one, and it deserves all the research you're putting into it.


Anticipate a positive transformation of your patio space. Prepare for more outdoor dinners, lounging in the shade with your favorite book, or simply enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather.


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In your pursuit of the perfect Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover, remember that knowledge is power. Whether you choose to DIY or rely on the expertise of a contractor, you're well equipped to make informed decisions.

The journey to a shaded and protected patio may seem long right now, but the result is sure to bring you and your loved ones many moments of joy. Your efforts today promise a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space perfect for making memories, proving that an Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover is more than just an addition to your house, it's an addition to your home.


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