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Awning Fabric: This is often the first part of the RV awning that needs replacement due to regular wear and tear or damage from UV or weather conditions.

Awning Arms and Hardware: These components provide support and structure to the awning and might need to be replaced if they are bent, rusted, or otherwise damaged.

Roller Tube: This is where the awning wraps around when it is retracted. If it’s bent or damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Springs: These help in retracting and deploying the awning. If they become weak or rusted, they may need to be replaced.

Mounting Brackets: These attach the awning to the side of the RV. If they are damaged, the awning may not be secure.

Awning End Caps: These caps are found at the ends of the roller tube and can become lost or damaged.

Awning Rail: It's a small part but important for the awning's operation. It holds the awning in place on the RV.

Motor (for Powered Awnings): If the awning is motorized, the motor can fail and need replacement or repair.

Torsion Assembly: Located on either end of the roller tube, these components may need to be replaced if awning rotation is hindered.

Travel Locks: They secure the awning when you're driving. If they're lost or broken, it's good to replace them for safety.

Awning Pull Strap: This part helps in opening and retracting manual awnings, and can wear out over time.

All the parts of an RV awning have a lifespan and could eventually require maintenance, repair, or replacement. Regular inspection and upkeep of an RV awning can help prolong its life.

Above is a sample of some of the RV Awning Parts you are likely to need.  It's also possible you might be in need of RV Awning Accessories.

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